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Petra Feriancová

An Exhibition on Doubt

15.07  -  09.10.2016

From 15 July to 9 October 2016, the project room of the Man Museum will host Petra Feriancová’s project entitled An exhibition on doubt, curated by Emanuela Manca.

The exploration of the processes of perception of reality and the construction of memory as well as the ways (hardly ever unambiguous) through which these take place are the recurring themes  in the work of PetraFeriancová. Through the use of diverse visual language - installations, photographs and texts - her works reflect reality in a fictitious way and raise doubts on the spatial and temporal dimensions in which the spectator moves.

In this installation created for the MAN Museum of Nuoro, the artist introduces a space-time situation that is open to multiple interpretations, a rearrangement of time periods and places through which to reconsider the ways of perceiving reality and art.  

The spectator will have the feeling of being in a traditional ethnographic museum that illustrates Sardinia's life and occupations. The objects on display will in reality be replicas of common tools on an enlarged scale and re-made by hand with materials different from those of the originals. The change in scale and material characteristics clearly render the objects as created for purely aesthetic contemplation through a process of abolishing their functional use. They become untouchable artefacts, relics, that of which one perceives the form, even before our common knowledge realizes their initial purpose.

The exhibition thus materially calls up the idea of a faraway island, using exclusively Slovak elements - handicraft objects, photographs of folklore manifestation and festivities - determined by natural and cultural conditions that are surprisingly similar to those of Sardinia (sheep breeding, folk costumes, music, tools).The artist's aim is to demonstrate that just as our understanding and interpretation of history can be disputed, so can what appears before our eyes be persuasive even when non-existent or based on a fabrication. 

Here, the typical impression of Sardinia is thus uprooted and questioned. Every representation of places is indicative of a precise reality, which in the space generated by doubt the artist succeeds in transforming into a metaphor: a process of personal interpretation that links individual experience and the mechanisms of comprehension conditioned by history and culture. Forms, images and traces of the past are received with the understanding that their original meaning has for some time been corrupted or lost, but for the very reason of this distortion of the "original" meaning the vision of reality can be questioned by redefining one's own account of the world. 

Petra Feriancová's work was selected by the MAN Museum at the time of the ArtVerona 2015, within the framework of the Level 0 project, to which some of Italy's most important museums of contemporary art have adhered. The exhibition has been organized with the contribution of the Slovak Art Council.

Petra Feriancová was born in 1977 in Bratislava, where she lives and works. She works mainly with texts, photographs and installations. In 2010, she was awarded the Oskar Cepan Prize for young visual artists organized by the FCS Foundation for a Civil Society, and has exhibited in many institutions, among which: Fondazione Morra Greco, (Naples, 2014), ISCP International Studio & Curatorial Program (New York, 2011) and the Brno House of Arts (2012). In 2013, she represented Slovakia and the Czech Republic at the 55th Biennial of Venice with the project titled Still the same place.




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