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Paolo Chiasera

The Gardens of Sardinia, Cyprus and Jerusalem

11.07  -  12.10.2014

I Giardini di Sardegna, Cipro e Gerusalemme is a project by Paolo Chiasera and Micaela Deiana that involves the MAN Museum of Nuoro and the De Vleeshal centre for visual arts, of Middelburg (Netherlands). The work follows an itinerary undertaken by the artist in 2011 with his elaboration of the concept of exhibition painting, a genre that he invented featuring the creation of exhibitions on canvas - which may include works by different artists, done in the past or commissioned for the occasion - conceived as a place for artists, curators and institutions to come together and exchange ideas.

Continuing this research, the artist later developed the idea of II.STILE, a kind of nomadic artists' run space, which in its name refers to the developments in the Roman art world in the period of the Second Style, characterized by special emphasis on the power of imagination. It is the imaginary that represents the ideal place for experimentation and the definition of an artistic production following new models for exhibitions.

 With I Giardini di Sardegna, Cipro e Gerusalemme, the II.STILE project enters in a museum for the first time, with Chiasera orchestrating a reflection on the circularity of the life cycle, symbolized in the references to palaeolithic and neolithic culture, permeated by a religiousness closely connected with the cult of the Mother Goddess, nature and its manifestations, with a special predilection for water and woodlands.

 Starting from the emotions stimulated by a visit to the gardens of the 18th-century Villa d’Orri (Sarroch - Sardegna) and the atmosphere of the Augustan Villa of Livia (Rome), Paolo Chiasera produces an evocative nocturnal garden on canvas, in the space of which, together with the curator, he proposes a selection of works from the MAN collection. The itinerary thus created, with works from the end of the 19th century to the latest acquisitions, is an invitation to arrive at a different diachronic interpretation of the cultural heritage. The cyclic nature of life and human history become the occasion to reflect on the perception of the cultural heritage in different historic periods and territorial contexts, arriving at a form of reinterpretation of the permanent collections of art museums, in a vision that weaves together archaeology and the contemporary world.

At the MAN of Nuoro the “Gardens” will display works by Alessandro Biggio with J. Parker Valentine and Diego Perrone, Stanis Dessy, Salvatore Fancello, Antonio Mura, Costantino Nivola, Giovanni Pintori and Giacinto Satta.

De Vleeshal will host the second exhibition of the project in November of 2014. At that time, with the conclusion of the two experiences, the catalogue will be presented.


Paolo Chiasera

(Bologna, 1978) lives and works in Berlin. He has been working on the II.STILE project since 2013. Among his one-man exhibitions in museums we can cite: Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down, S. M. A. K . Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Gent (2010); Unter Freiem Himmel / Under the Open Sky, MARTa Herfod, Herford  (2009); Forget The Heroes, MACRO, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma (2008); The Trilogy: Cornelius, MAMbo, Museo dʼArte Moderna di Bologna (2006). Besides his artistic research, he has worked as a lecturer at different institutions, among which the Kunsthochschule of Kassel (2013) and the Transart Institute of Berlin (2011).


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