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MODERN TIMES (volume 1)

23.09  -  23.10.2005

The modern age looks like a field of heterogeneous and stratified forces, difficult to read, inside which the production of moving images has assumed a preminent role. 
Through a selection of video works and films by visual artists and filmmakers, the show Modern Times, whose title is a tribute to one of the masterpieces of the history of the cinema, investigates some aspects of this renewed centrality of the vision.

The points of observation that the works in the show offer, are various, evidence of how in the latest decades the production of videos and films has increased and diversified the areas of experimentation, fully joining the contemporary artistic research. If the recourse to different narrative typologies marks the return to the oral form of the tale, the temporal stratification, the editing of found footage realized by the artist or coming from stock footage, point out the introduction of remix technics originated in the musical area and in the current digital integrated system, able to unify different forms of communication. The use in some cases of documentary style, the recall to the imaginary of the first historical cinematic showing, the return to the performance in video and to the theatrical gesture, involve the relationship existing between the spectator and the work.

The metropolis is again a place to narrate, for its emblematic quality of cultural pattern which defines the notion of contemporaneity. Narrating through the moving images has become the constitutive symbol of our knowledge which is organized around the need, always relevant, to build up stories, a need which remains irreplaceable and still vital. 

MAN: Giles Perry, Stephen Dean, ZimmerFrei, Marcello Maloberti 

Shop Windows: Alice Anderson, Mircea Cantor, Stefania Galegati, Claude Leveque, Jonathan Horowitz, Domenico Mangano, Eva Marisaldi, Christophe Girardet e Matthias Muller, Sisley Xhafa, Nico Vascellari, Marinella Senatore, Vibeke Tandberg 

Auditorium Biblioteca Satta: Olivo Barbieri, Alina Marazzi, Christian Merlhiot, Ra Di Martino, Laura Erber, Pavel Braila 

Curated by Maria Rosa Sossai

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