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Ettore Favini


22.04  -  03.07.2016

The MAN Museum is pleased to announce Arrivederci, a solo exhibition of Ettore Favini, curated by Chiara Vecchiarelli. 

The work of Ettore Favini draws on the relationship between the artwork and its surrounding environment, be it an ecosystem, personal memory or a collective narration. In his art practice the environment assumes a generative function by becoming part of the work to which it is incorporated as well as a tool for exploring its vital function for the individual. In fact, it is the experience of the fruition of the works that becomes the tool for a new relationship to public space.

Arrivederci is a project articulated in two parts — one at the MAN Museum of Nuoro and the other at the Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art of Genoa — that finds a textual extension in the volume published by Humboldt Books, specialised in art and travel literature. 

For this project, Favini has engaged in a journey through the land of Sardinia and the stories of the island's weavers. Urged on by the desire to come into contact with one of the Mediterranean's oldest traditions, the artist visited the many textile workshops of the island, receiving as gifts over a hundred woven items from artisans, artists and stylists. The single fragments of fabric, along with the stories they carry with them, constitute the material from which a new corpus of works has come to life.  

The works created for the MAN Museum the relationship between warp and woof is transformed into the figure of a new relationship between time and space: the different temporalities of the events that generated the very texture of the stories encountered converge in the space of the work for the period of the exhibition. The warp of the many wefts of a common narration, the exhibition will also constitute a two-fold homage to the sea. It is literally like a sail that the memories linked to the different weaves unfurl in the exhibition, since from our relationship to the sea come the cruising sails that contributed to the composition of an installation that will be on display at Villa Croce, as well as the form of the large sail made out of the donated weaves that will cross the rooms of the MAN Museum: A choral portrait of the island capable of transforming the temporal limbo announced in the title into the wish that soon we shall meet again, which every exhibition implies. 

During the two exhibitions in Nuoro and Genoa, that will take place at a short distance from one another, a work by Favini will travel aboard a ship sailing between Sardinia and Liguria, making the waves uniting the two lands an exhibition venue just as the museums involved.  

To complete the project, a volume documenting the process will present an unpublished text by the artist: A logbook recalling his journey and the many stories carried right into the work and its exhibition venues 


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