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13.10.2006  -  07.01.2007

Curators: Cristiana Collu, Saretto Cincinelli, Roberto Pinto.

The notion of boundary is certainly one of the most debated theme in contemporary art. The artists have dealt with it both in metaphorical and personal sense and geopolitical sense, with all the possible social consequences and international implications. The origins of the recently widespread interest in establishing boundaries and attempting to trace differences can also be found within the field of artistic practices. Art's focus on space and the exploration of its limits is a symptom of a peculiar attitude to observe the boundary among things. There are boundaries well marked by frontiers, walls, systems of armed surveillance, and there are less evident but often equally hard and insurmountable ones. We face the paradox of a globalization which implies the loss of boundaries only in relation to information, money, and goods. The walls we have watched crumbling at the end of the last century have actually multiplied. In a wider context you could also say that external boundaries refer to a notion of exclusion, of diversity, whereas internal boundaries refer to differences of class, religion, ethnic group, gender. Boundaries fill our lives, they surround us completely, they are the tools that allow us to classify and acknowledge the multiplicity of our reality and, at the same time, they are a product of our ability to establish conventions.

The concept of boundary plays a crucial role at any level of representation and organization of the world around us. Talking about boundaries Claudio Magris wrote:"They die and are reborn, they shift, dissolve and reappear unexpectedly. They leave their mark on experience, on language, on the space where we live, on the healthy or sick body, on the psyche and its splittings and readjustments, on politics and its often absurd topography, on the self and its many fragments and their difficult rearrangements, on society and its divisions, on economy and its invasions and retreats, on the mind and its ordering maps".

Maybe it is just this richness of meanings and aspects that makes it such an interesting subject. The artworks presented in this exhibition seem to stress the variety of possible interpretations, without giving up the observation "of that strange space lying “among" things, the one that drawing together separates or maybe separating draws together different people, things, cultures, identities, spaces". What is your point of observation when you look at a boundary? What is the real meaning of expressions such as inside or outside? Is there an outside of the inside or an inside of the outside? These are some of the issues the exhibition brings forward.

Artists: Francesco Arena, Maja Bajevic, Emanuele Becheri, Jota Castro, Yael Davids, Pepe Espaliu', Carlos Garaicoa, Mona Hatoum, Alfredo Jaar, Magdalena Jetelova, Seila Kameric, Daniela Kostova, Jorge Macchi, Liliana Moro, Mateo Mate', IngridMwangiRobertHutter, Andrea Nacciarriti, Adrian Paci, Riccardo Previdi, Michael Rakowitz, SASI Group, Stalker, Jules Spinatsch, Franck Scurti, Daina Taimina, The Institute for Figuring, Enzo Umbaca, Catherine Yass.

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