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LCR#3 - Prelude

Leonardo Boscani / Golden Zimmer

17.02  -  21.05.2017
Opening: Friday 17 February at 7 pm

February 17 wll mark the opening of the installation Golden Zimmer by Leonardo Boscani, together with the exhibitions of Berenice Abbott and Jennifer West. The installation is a creation made specifically to occupy the spaces of the Project Room of the MAN Museum. 

Golden Zimmer is the first of a series of initiatives introducing the third and final appointment of the several-year exhibition project titled La Costante Resistenziale, (The Permanence of Resistence) dedicated to the most innovative research which from the first years of regional autonomy to the present have marked the artistic world in Sardinia. 

Following the first two appointments in 2015 and 2016, La Costante resistenziale #3, curated by Micaela Deiana, will be devoted to the most recent artistic research that came to the fore in the early years of the 21st century. The Prelude, in a cycle of appointments, events and exhibitions, will propose close thematic examination of subjects connected with socuially committed art, video research, the relationship between art and sound and performances. 

From the 1990s, Leonardo Boscani's work has dealt with the analysis of the social, political and economic contradictions of Western society. To thgese, he opposes science-fiction utopias in which criticism and irony are balanced in the creation of a new linguistic world.

In Golden Zimmer, he focuses on the migratory exodus that is characterizing the European panorama in recent years. The European Union's social and political endeavours and contradictions in trying to respond to this emergency are sublimated in a golden atmosphere, a place detached from the temporal, a place dreamt of and unreachable, that recalls the symbology and aesthetics of places holy to the Orthodox Church, or the icons and altar pieces of Byzantine and Medieval art.  

The installation is not made with the precious gold leaf, but it is just as delicate,  and far more subject the deterioration: it is the material of space blankets used in first aid situations. The room that Boscani refers to in the title of the installation thus evokes the home longed for by migrants searching for a new life in Europe. The reference to individual, intimate and human experience is flanked by statistical data concerning migratory policies, the numbers of which the artist scientifically places in a decorative frieze that runs the entire length of the room. 

Symbol and functionality, decoration and social commitment balance in a space for critical thought which, through the sensory experience of colour and light, stimulated the individual and collective conscience. 

Leonardo Boscani (Sassari, 1961) studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Sassari, in Sardinia. Of his most recent exhibitions we can site the one-man exhibitions “Umana Ambizione + Notre Siècle, Boscani + Bertozzi”, Musée de la Corse, Corte, FR (2014), “DNA-Disciplina Naturale dell’Antagonista 2, Boscani + Delogu”, a cura di Emanuela Falqui, Galleria S’Umbra, Cagliari (2014) and the joint exhibitions “Par le Bleu, la «grande couleur”, curated by Anne Alessandri, FRAC-Corse, Bastion de France, Portovecchio, FR (2015), “Civil Servants”, curated by Micaela Deiana, MAN Nuoro (2015), Love for risk, MSU-Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Zagabria, Croatia (2012).








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