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Sardegna 900 - MAN Collection

15.07  -  30.11.2016

At the time of the reopening of the Ciusa Museum, a selection of works from the collection of the MAN Museum will be exhibited in its two sites in Nuoro. The rooms of the former Nuoro courthouse will host an exhibition dedicated to the artists of the Sardinian school of painting in the first half of the last century, containing the most important works in the MAN collection.  

Created through the bringing together of four public collections (Province of Nuoro, City of Nuoro, Chamber of Commerce of Nuoro, Provincial Tourist Bureau) and later enlarged through an attentive strategy of purchases and loans, the MAN collection comprises works by artists who were born or active in Sardinia, in a period of time from the end of the nineteenth century to the present. It is a corpus of over six hundred works by many of the most important artists and some of the key works in the history of Sardinian art, such as Sa ria [Lamentation] by Antonio Ballero, La fede [Faith] by Mario Delitala (part of the cycle that decorates the city council chambers of Nuoro), Donna con frutta [Woman with Fruit] by Giovanni Ciusa Romagna, Contadino alla fonte [Farmer at the Spring] by Giuseppe Biasi, and many others. 

These are works that provide a knowledge of the most important stages in the history of Sardinia's art in the first half of the twentieth century., featuring a rediscovery of the island’s traditional iconography, costumes, and daily rituals with which the artists propose to promote a new vision of the island and celebrate its native values, its emergence, the legend of an uncontaminated land and the genuineness of the Sardinian people, in comparison to the uniformity of modernity.

Homage to Pinuccio Sciola 

To conclude, the Ciusa Museum will pay homage to Pinuccio Sciola, who died on 13 May of this year. This will include the showing throughout the summer of the documentary by Emilio Bellu, Born of Stone (2016). This short film, shot in close cooperation with the sculptor from the town of San Sperate, contains a series of unpublished interviews and an original sound track that starts with the sounds of his famous "sonorous stones".




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