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The MAN collection has been brought together through a painstaking selection of works by Sardinian artists from the end of the 19th century to the modern day. A body of approximately 600 works, that is still growing, and includes in its midst the most important artists in Sardinian art history, such as Antonio Ballero, Giuseppe Biasi, Francesco Ciusa, Mario Delitala, Carmelo Floris, Maria Lai, Mauro Manca, Costantino Nivola and many more. The Collection includes a significant selection of drawings and ceramics by Salvatore Fancello and the graphic works of Giovanni Pintori. While awaiting the completion of the extension work being done on the museum building, the works of the MAN collection are visible on rotation within the exhibition spaces, which are re-designed each time according to different criteria, according to both thematic motifs or dedicated to individual artists. 

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