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Studio Pratha

Weaves and patterns

03.03  -  25.06.2023


Studio Pratha is an experimental creative hotbed that began life in 2017 on the basis of an idea conceived by Graziella Carta, founder and creative director of the group. Drawing inspiration from visionary designers and eclectic artists, Studio Pratha offers a contemporary reinterpretation of a sophisticated weaving technique with an age-old history, which is now only practised in the village of Sarule.

The execution of the tapestries remains firmly anchored in the heart of Barbagia, where the skilled women weavers create Pratha works using exclusively Sardinian sheep’s wool and working on the traditional vertical, totally manual loom. Faithfully following an extremely complex and intricate production technique, they only complete a few centimetres per day, working with two or four hands.

Meanwhile, the creative phase goes beyond island and national borders, opening up to new partnerships that take Studio Pratha’s tapestries to international museums and galleries. Despite exploring different styles and inspirations, Pratha’s works predominantly move in the dimension of abstractionism with a conceptual imprint, but there is no shortage of experimentation in the figurative sphere, including the recent tribute to Guernica called Tessere la Pace (Weaving Peace), stemming from a collaboration with the Museo MAN in Nuoro .

Today design and fine craftsmanship are interwoven on Studio Pratha’s looms, in an ongoing experiment that rightly finds a place for itself on the contemporary art scene.





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