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L'ombra del mare sulla collina

Works from the MAN collection

08.11.2019  -  12.01.2020

From Friday 8 November 2019 to Sunday 12 January 2020, the MAN in Nuoro will be hosting L’ombra del mare sulla collina exhibition alongside the Anna Marongiu retrospective. Curated by Luigi Fassi and Emanuela Manca, it will feature a wonderful selection of works from the museum’s permanent collection.

The exhibition offers an unprecedented look at the MAN collection, telling the story of more than a century of Sardinian art in a new way through a diverse selection of drawings, paintings and sculptures. It reconstructs the artistic events of twentieth-century Sardinia using some of the most emblematic works in the collection, continuing all the way through to the present day and establishing a close dialogue with various contemporary artists.

The exhibition title comes from a work by Mauro Manca and was chosen due to the clear-cut divide it forms between figurative and abstract experiences. Unanimously believed to mark a crucial step towards broadening the horizons of modern art in Sardinian in the post-war period, L’ombra del mare sulla collina by the artist from Sassari is the point around which the entire exhibition revolves.

The exhibition illustrates the heterogeneity of Sardinia’s art history, combining different worlds and styles, traditions and experiments, and showcases new acquisitions by Aldo Contini and Mario Paglietti.

The artists who feature in the exhibition include some of the key figures in the development of the different expressive styles that have characterised Sardinia’s art scene from the twentieth century to today: Edina Altara, Antonio Ballero, Alessandro Biggio, Giuseppe Biasi, Giovanni Campus, Teodorico Cavallazzi, Cristian Chironi, Francesco Ciusa, Giovanni Ciusa Romagna, Aldo Contini, Mario Delitala, Francesca Devoto, Salvatore Fancello, Dino Fantini, Gino Frogheri, Vincenzo Grosso, Caterina Lai, Maria Lai, Mauro Manca, Melkiorre Melis, Wanda Nazzari, Costantino Nivola, Mario Paglietti, Rosanna Rossi, Giacinto Satta, Vincenzo Satta, Tona Scano, Antonio Secci, Bernardino Palazzi.


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